Drum lessons

Big Thank You !!!! To My Teachers in the past and the Present.

Mr. Leonzio Cherubini from the Music Conservatoir in Montreux. For Jazz Section

Mr. Francios Bauer From Ejma Lausanne Jazz Section

Mr. Francios Massy From Ejma Lausanne Music Theory

Mr. Yoron Israel Berkleemusic Drum set Fundamentals

Mr. Rod Morgenstein Berkleemusic Rock Drums

Mr. Jim Payne Berkleemusic Funk R&B Drums

Mr. Paul Schmeling Berkleemusic Music Theory Harmony and Function, Ear training.

Your support, encouragement, the belief in me and your teaching methods are the foundation of my success, I'm definitely  following in the steps of Giants. My students and I are grateful for the tools and education you share. God Bless you All. Udi Benjamin.


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