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  So can U drum ? Well now U can!!!

 This is the door to opportunity. Feel free to look at my pictures and videos. *I am a real, not a virtual teacher. I teach all styles of drumming from classical to heavy metal. All you need is the passion, determination, and most importantly, the belief in yourself and the power of your dreams. Everybody says "I wish I could drum." I believe that wishes can come true by taking it step by step. I made my dreams come true, and I would love to help you turn yours into reality, too. Though I teach in English and French we will, in any case, be speaking the universal language of music!

 Playing the drums has been my passion for more than thirty years. I am an active member in a R&B Band "Black Jack Band."  I have played for almost ten years in a big band, Harmonie du Bourg, performing around Switzerland. In addition, I am involved in a heavy metal duo.  I have performed in the Montreux Jazz Festival with my big band and the Montreux Jazz Conservatory.  To find out more explore the UCANDRUM Gallery and  Music and Podcast.

I have a specialist drummer Certificate, Master Certificate in Music Theory, Harmony, and Ear Training and Professional Certificate in General Music Studies from Berklee Music Online. In addition, I have five years of experience in EJMA (Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle) in Lausanne and at the Music Conservatory in Montreux. I see myself as a lifetime student and have participated in master classes with world famous drummers such as:- Ian Paice, DEEP PURPLE¨ Jim Payne ¨JIM PAYNE BAND¨, ¨JAMES BROWN¨, Chris Parker, ¨BOB DYLAN¨, ¨ARETHA FRANKLIN¨, ¨QUINCY JONES¨, ¨CHER¨, JAMES BROWN¨, Dave Weckl ¨CHICK COREA¨, Bernard Purdie ¨STEELY DAN¨, Rod Morgenstein ¨WINGER¨, DIXIE DREGS¨,Yoron Israel ¨STEVIE WONDER¨, Billy Cobham ¨MILES DAVIS¨, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA¨ Will Calhoun ¨LIVING COLOUR¨,Steve Smith ¨JOURNEY¨, Simon Phillips ¨TOTO¨,¨JUDAS PRIEST¨, ¨PROTOCOL¨ Todd Sucherman ¨STYX¨, Steve Holmes and Dave DiCenso.

Music and playing the drums are my passion. I seek to teach and pass down my knowledge to the younger generation by using positive energy and instilling in my students the will to succeed. I want to say this to each student: You were born with the rhythm of a heartbeat,... so   UCANDRUM.

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 A quick exercise you could do to test your co-ordination  is ....

Take your left hand and tap it on your knee , then take your right hand and tap the other knee while it is inverted and switch hands , have a look at the video demonstrating this exercise.

                                                      Click here for the Co-ordination ex. video





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